What to do

Register for and complete 15 credits each semester — and complete 30 credits per year.

Why 15 credits each semester is important

  • Graduate on time: Complete an average of 15 credits (or more) per semester to stay on track to graduate on time.*
  • Do better in school: You might think taking fewer credits would enable better grades. But Nazareth and national data show the opposite. Students who complete 15 credits per semester have stronger grade point averages.
  • Save money: Graduating on time saves thousands of dollars in tuition and lost workforce time.
  • Get hired: Completing your degree leads to higher employment rates and higher income.

Are you on track to graduate?

Check the "My Progress" tab in your Student Planning tool (learn about the tool) to see the courses you need to complete to graduate. You also can also use that tool to plan courses for future semesters. At any point, if see that you will need more than 30 credits per year to complete your degree requirements, talk to your advisor to plan a solution to get on track. Achieving your graduation goals may require taking summer or intersession coursework.

Check your progress


*Earning 15 credits per semester totals 120 credits in 4 years, which is the minimum number of credits needed to earn a bachelor's degree. Some programs may require more than 120 credits. Work closely with your advisor to ensure you are taking the courses to meet your specific degree's requirements.

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Have Questions?

Talk to your academic advisor. (Your advisor is listed in the "Advising" tab in your Plan and Schedule view in Student Planning.)