Tuition: See graduate tuition.
Credits: 36


  • Graduate assistantship: can cover 1.5 to 4.5 credits per semester. HESAA students typically secure at least a 10-hour-a-week position, providing a tuition waiver for 3 credits. A limited number of 20-hour-a-week positions in Residential Life are available — covering ⅔ of tuition and may include housing and meals.
  • Educational Partner Network discount: 20% tuition reduction for employees of partner companies and those who work in business, retail, government, health care, technology, banking, finance, or community organizations, and scholarships for members of partner associations.
  • Edcor-Nazareth Collaboration: 20% tuition discount for employees of participating employers
  • Veteran/military benefits may cover some or all of this degree for you or your spouse or dependent.



Options for managing undergrad loans

Adjusted payment schedules

Grants and assistantships are limited and competitive and require separate applications.
Aid cannot exceed total cost.