HESAA Affordability

Tuition: See graduate tuition.
Credits: 36


  • Graduate assistantship: can cover 1.5 to 4.5 credits per semester. HESAA students typically secure at least a 10-hour-a-week position, providing a tuition waiver for 3 credits. A limited number of 20-hour-a-week positions in Residential Life are available — covering ⅔ of tuition and may include housing and meals.
  • Educational Partner Network discount: 20% tuition reduction for employees of partner companies and those who work in business, retail, government, health care, technology, banking, finance, or community organizations, and scholarships for members of partner associations.
  • Edcor-Nazareth Collaboration: 20% tuition discount for employees of participating employers
  • Veteran/military benefits may cover some or all of this degree for you or your spouse or dependent.


Options for managing loans

  • Income-driven repayment plan: You may qualify for a lower monthly payment based on your income and family size through options on that federal student aid webpage. One plan — Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) — is open to anyone with Direct Subsidized and/or Direct Unsubsidized Loans (regardless of income level) and can bring monthly payments down to $0.
  • Get on Your Feet Loan Forgiveness: New York state residents pay only 10% of discretionary income for 2 years, if you qualify.

Adjusted payment schedules

Grants and assistantships are limited and competitive and require separate applications.
Aid cannot exceed total cost.