Annotation (6 credits)

  • Deepen your understanding of teaching students with severe or multiple disabilities. 
  • You’ll focus on students with challenging behaviors and how to use inclusive, strength-based approaches.
  • Completion of this two-course sequence will lead to an annotation on your New York state teacher certification that indicates this special preparation.

Program is Ideal For

  • Graduate students at Nazareth College that have or are working toward certification in students with disabilities. (These courses can fulfill elective credits in inclusive education degree programs.)
  • Professionally certified teachers seeking additional education to teach students with severe or multiple disabilities.

Career Information

  • These courses are good preparation for working in any classroom setting that includes students with severe or multiple disabilities. 

What to Expect
  • 50 hours of fieldwork with students with challenging behaviors
  • Complete the program by taking one course in the spring and one in early summer

  • Seminar in Supporting Students with Challenging Behaviors in Inclusive Settings
  • Strategies for Breaking the Conflict Cycle and Teaching Students with Challenging Behaviors 

  • Complete and submit the annotation/extension approval form, including signed permission of the program director.
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Program Director

Jim Black

Jim Black

Associate Professor / Graduate Program Director in Adolescence Education
Golisano Academic Center 201