Digital Media & Design

The digital media & design program at Nazareth College complements study in any subject by giving you an opportunity to apply your major knowledge to media. Through the minor's required courses, you'll learn to plan, write, organize, design printed publications, and create websites, both individually and in collaborative groups.

This minor is unique because it combines courses from diverse disciplines  — information systems, communication and media, and graphic design — that are not often associated with one another in student minds or in more traditional university curricula.

The digital media and design minor intentionally brings together three fields of study that have become necessary for anyone working in organizations today. No matter what your major, this minor prepares you to be a digitally literate professional in the contemporary workplace.

digital marketing and design program at Nazareth College


Carolyn Lagoe

Carolyn Lagoe

Associate Professor & Chair, Director of Communication and Media Program in English and Communication
Golisano Academic Center 491

Education: B.A., University at Buffalo; M. A., University at Buffalo; Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Teaching/Research/Scholarly Interests: Research and professional experience focuses on the use of health communication campaigns for behavior change. Work also examines the impact of online information seeking on health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors. Takes an experiential approach to education by working with students on projects emphasizing service learning and civic engagement.

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