Nazareth's core curriculum will give you the tools, experience, guidance, and support to be the architect of your education, your career, and your future.

Our integrative studies approach to learning gives you choices. Follow your passions and design a sequence of courses that's tailored for you, by you — unlike the fully prescribed core curricula at most colleges/ universities.

Did you know:

  • Approximately 30% of your educational investment at any college/ university goes toward general education courses or courses not required to fulfill your major.
  • Nazareth's general education curriculum is linked to internships, research, or career development, not stand-alone, non-integrated classes like at most colleges/ universities.
  • The skills most sought by employers are problem solving, critical thinking, and exceptional communication.

We believe that the liberal education part of your investment should be as valuable and rewarding as the experience in your major. More importantly, it should provide you with an advantage after you graduate. As a result, the Nazareth core curriculum is integrated, experiential, and focuses on what is most important to you, rather than on a pre-determined set of courses.

This is critical because today’s workplaces and world are constantly changing. Being successful requires a broad knowledge base, adaptable skills, and being comfortable with complexity.

A Nazareth University education prepares you not just for one job, but for your life’s work. 

Question Everything

The kinds of enduring questions you can choose to explore in Nazareth's core curriculum:

  • What does it mean to be healthy?
  • What is the relationship between movement and identity?
  • Why we choose to live where we do?
  • Why is there a generational gap in the definition of life?
  • How does society label a person as “normal”?
  • How does knowledge of death affect choices in life?
  • How is falling in love influenced by social forces?