A minor in English is available to students from all other majors  (18 credits).

Required Course

  • ENGL 200 - Introduction to Literary Studies

Survey Courses

Take any two Survey Courses:  (6 credits). Each course listed below is 3 credits.

  • ENGL 201 - Survey of British Literature I 
  • ENGL 202 - Survey of British Literature II
  • ENGL 203 - Survey of American Literature I 
  • ENGL 204 - Survey of American Literature II 
  • ENGL 205G - Survey of World Literature I 
  • ENGL 206G - Survey of World Literature II

Literature Electives

Take any three additional Literature electives, at least two of which must be upper-division courses (300-400 level) (9 credits).

200 Level
300 Level
400 Level

Contact Information

Joseph Viera

Joseph Viera

Professor & Chair in English
Golisano Academic Center 496A
english literature program, minor, Nazareth College Rochester NY