DE&I and Interdisciplinary Interfaith Studies

The DEI and interdisciplinary interfaith studies program demonstrates Nazareth's commitment to globalization, pluralism, inclusiveness and spiritual values. As we live together in a “small village” or in a “ship in the vast ocean,” we need to build relations and understanding for peaceful coexistence, better living and work environment.

Courses in the program are:

  • Experiential: Emphasizing active and engaged learning
  • Dialogical: Accentuating the tools of conversation, reasoning and mediation
  • Empathetic: Building appreciation for the spiritual beliefs and practices of diverse cultures
  • Critical and Interdisciplinary: Integrating the methods and insights of diverse disciplines to enhance analysis and understanding, challenging students to assess positions and evaluate strategies
  • Constructive: Enhancing positive strategies for religious and cultural understanding as well as cooperation among diverse peoples


Program Requirements and Course Descriptions

DE&I and Interdisciplinary Interfaith Studies (minor)