Public Health Minor

Completing a 19-credit interdisciplinary minor in public health can be a first step to a career in public health, or the minor can enhance careers in related fields such as nursing, law, and public policy.

Nazareth University's public health minor pairs well with fields such as sociology, public policy, communications, human biology, English, economics, globalization studies, philosophy, business, and computer science, but it's open to all Nazareth undergraduates.

Related majors

  • B.A. Public Health suits students who have a strong interest in the socio-cultural aspects of public health, to pursue careers in health education and promotion, public health policy and administration, or non-profit/governmental work.
  • B.S. Public Health is ideal if you seek advanced education in health science or science-focused programs such as biostatistics, dentistry, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health sciences, medicine, nutritional sciences, pathobiology, pharmacy, and public health nursing, and to work in laboratories.