Information for Music Applicants

There is an audition requirement, in addition to the other admissions requirements, if you are applying to any of the following programs:

Exceptional auditions may qualify you for scholarship funding that is distributed by the music faculty. If you are a recipient, these scholarships will appear on your financial aid award letter.

Auditions for admission are held from November to April in the Gerald G. Wilmot Hall of Music on Nazareth College’s campus. In addition, auditions are held in select cities throughout the northeast.


View available dates and register for a music audition online, or contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by phone, 800-462-3944 or 585-389-2860. Prior to attending the audition, all Music students must complete a Music Degree Supplement using SlideRoom. There is no fee for this supplement, but it is important to have this completed before you arrive to speed up the registration and audition process on the day of the event.

Audition Format

  • Theory Placement exams are held at 8:30 a.m. First-year examinations normally require one hour; additional time is scheduled for junior-year placement. Junior-year placement is accomplished by examination only.
  • Auditions are held after Theory Placement exams, between 9:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Time is provided for warm-up and a brief rehearsal.
  • A personal interview follows the audition.
  • Sight-singing and keyboard diagnostic examinations are scheduled within the remaining time.
  • Music/Business applicants have the option to follow a different audition format. Click here for details »

Questions may be directed to Nancy Strelau, auditions coordinator and assistant professor of music: 585-389-2691 or

Audition Guidelines

General Music Requirements:

A theory placement exam, as well as sight-singing and piano proficiency exam, will be administered at the time of the audition to determine the appropriate classes for entering students.

Specific Requirements by Instrument

Brass and Woodwinds