Building Security and Safety

Members of the campus community, as well as guests and visitors, have access to most campus buildings and facilities during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, and for limited hours on Saturdays and Sundays when the University is in session (excluding most holidays). All exterior doors to the residence halls are locked 24 hours a day and are equipped with a card access system. Students living in each residence hall must access their building using their University ID. Guests and visitors need to meet the student they are visiting at the entry to gain access to the building.

Campus Security and Residential Life conduct routine rounds and patrols of all residential facilities and immediately report door and security hardware problems for repair and maintenance.  Members of the University community are strongly encouraged to immediately report faulty hardware and mechanisms to Facilities or to Campus Safety after hours. The propping of exterior doors is prohibited, and violations of university policy are referred to Student Conduct for appropriate action. 

Exterior lighting is an important part of the University’s commitment to safety and security. Parking lots, pedestrian walkways, and building exteriors are well lit and further augmented by blue light emergency/assistance call boxes strategically located across campus.  Members of the campus community are encouraged to immediately report any exterior lighting problems or inefficiencies to Facilities or after hours to Campus Safety.  Exterior doors of campus academic facilities are patrolled, locked and secured each evening by members of the Campus Safety Department, as scheduled.  Shrubbery, trees, and other vegetation are landscaped on a regular basis for unobstructed view, and exterior lighting is surveyed annually for potential enhancements. 

University Liability

The University will not be responsible for loss or damage from any cause to personal property of residents.

On-Campus Emergencies

On-Campus: x 2850
External Number: 585-389-2850

Off-Campus Emergencies

Police, Fire Ambulance:  911

Safety Infrastructure Equipment Request Form
Please complete this form as the first step to requesting approval for a safety infrastructure equipment purchase. This may include NazCard swipe/door readers, CCTV coverage, or additional security features.
This form will be reviewed by both Campus Safety and Facilities. Once the review is complete, you will receive a response. If more information is needed, you will be contacted. 
Please note that this form is the first step in gaining approval of a project. The funding for the project generally remains the responsibility of the requester or requesting department (operating budget, capital project, etc) and installation is generally the responsibility of Facilities. Through these questions, the Campus Safety and Facilities Departments can gather all the necessary information to assess the request thoroughly and make informed decisions about infrastructure security enhancements. Additionally, it helps ensure that the request aligns with safety priorities, standard practices and available resources.