Campus Safety

Fire Safety

Why is fire safety and prevention important?

Here are some statistics that may surprise you:

  • During an average year, there are approximately 2,000 fires on college and university property across the nation. (This does not include off-campus apartments or Greek housing.)
  • From these fires, there are an estimated 15 deaths of college students, staff, or faculty. Over half of the people who died were legally intoxicated.

Fire safety is taken very seriously at Nazareth College, for the protection of every member of our community.

How is Nazareth College protected from fire?

Nazareth College is protected by advanced fire detection and extinguishing systems. These systems provide immediate notification of a fire or smoke situation. These systems are great but only effective if people respect the alarm when activated.

On Campus Fire Safety

What do I do if I hear a fire alarm in my building?
What do I do if I see smoke or fire?
What if I can't evacuate due to limited mobility?
What are the most common causes of fire alarms?
What fire safety equipment is in my building?
What items are allowed in Residence Halls? What is prohibited?
What items are allowed in my office? Are they different than Residence Halls? What about space heaters?
Will my Residence Hall and/or office be inspected?
What are the most common prohibited items found during an inspection?
Will there be fire drills?
What are fire doors and what do they do?
Can I hang items off the pipes including sprinkler pipes
How often is the fire safety system inspected?

Additional Fire Safety

Pavilion Fireplace and Mobile Fire Pit Use
Off-Campus and Commuters
Hot Work

For more information:

Please call Campus Safety at 585-389-2850 or