The Letter

Katie Mahoney Krenzer ‘98 reflects on how one piece of paper launched life-long connections.

by Katie Mahoney Krenzer ‘98

Katie Mahoney-Krenzer at her commencement in 1998

Like Katie's, your relationship to Nazareth is lifelong and adapts over time. No matter where you are in life or circumstance, the Office of Alumni Engagement is here to keep you connected to your Nazareth home.

Each of our journeys started with a letter. It said Nazareth College chooses you. Because of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and what you want to become.

I didn’t realize at the time the weight of that letter. Sure, it was exhilarating knowing a place that felt like such a good fit for me also thought I was a good fit too. What I was too naive to know then was how that letter would forever change my life — as your letter likely changed yours.

That letter and our decision that followed forever linked Nazareth College and each of us. Not only because the College would become our alma mater, but because at that point in our lives, we set a course to become who we are today. Nazareth gave us an education and experiences that guided us through the self-exploration that shaped our values and our futures.

Of course, our education and our experiences couldn’t have been as impactful if not for the people who made it so special. By saying yes to Nazareth, we joined a network that would become our extended family for life. My choice to attend Nazareth set me on a path that led to marriage, a family, a career, a sense of purpose, and forever friends. The relationships I developed at Nazareth have adapted over time and through various seasons of life — likely because they were connections born during such a formative time of transformation and self-discovery.

That letter was welcoming me to more than just the few years we spent on campus learning, studying, and growing. I couldn’t fully appreciate that when I received the letter or even on graduation day as I looked around at my classmates with equal parts wonder and worry about what would happen next: How will we stay connected when we’re no longer physically together and in similar circumstances? How will we feel united once we are flung into our corners of the world, into diverse roles and careers, and building lives that don’t include convening in the dining hall regularly or meeting up at the library late at night?

We know you have had these same thoughts because we hear you when you say you want a deeper connection to a place that was so formative to your growth and that you want to help current students the way your extended Nazareth family helped you.

In a reimagined vision of alumni engagement, Nazareth hopes to create meaningful opportunities for you to connect, learn, contribute to, and benefit from the incredible community of faculty, staff, students, and fellow alumni. In my 22 years as an alum, I have discovered that what I can offer and what I need continue to evolve. Nazareth will strive to offer diverse programming and resources to meet you where you are, valuing you and your engagement in whatever form it takes.

Whether we knew it at the time or not, that letter was a promise of a lifelong connection to Nazareth and to each other. The Office of Alumni Engagement is here to help fulfill that promise, with more opportunities ahead to engage with the College, with current students, and with each other.

Katie Mahoney Krenzer ‘98, director of alumni engagement and annual giving, began overseeing the Office of Alumni Engagement in July 2020. As an alumna and dedicated employee of the College, Katie is passionate about facilitating meaningful opportunities for all alumni to connect with their alma mater.