In the 2017 Study Abroad Photo Contest, sponsored by the Center for International Education, Nazareth students entered images in three categories—Landscape, Culture, and Action. The photo with the most likes on Instagram received the People's Choice Award. Enjoy these winning images and experience the world through our travelers' eyes: the exotic places they've been, the extraordinary people they've seen, and the culturally significant moments they've experienced.

Photo Contest Judges

  • Christina Luther, Center for International Education
  • Mike Martinez, photographer and videographer, Fish and Crown Creative
  • Alex Shukoff, staff photographer, Nazareth College
Taylor Santabarbara ’18, Venice Seen at Every Angle

Culture—First Place

Taylor Santabarbara '18, Venice Seen at Every Angle

"This photo was taken in Venice at the famous Doge's Palace. My peers and I studied abroad for three weeks where we visited Salzburg and Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy. During this time, we learned about music and culture through our music history professor from Nazareth and our collaborating professor from Salzburg. My fellow music majors and I learned a lot about different cultures, beliefs, and architecture while also visiting incredible cathedrals and attending concerts. The most exciting moments of the trip included visiting archives where we viewed original documents of famous composers W.A. Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven."

Lauren Beeles '17, An Educational Exchange

Culture—Second Place

Lauren Beeles '17, An Educational Exchange
Valencia, Spain

"Pictured is Mercedes, one of the students to whom I taught English while living in Valencia. She was dressed in her traditional fallera attire during the festival of Las Fallas that takes place in the city every March. In exchange for teaching her an English lesson, Mercedes was teaching me a little about her culture and the traditions of Las Fallas."

Tarah O'Shea '18, Pottery of Castelli, Italy

Culture—Third Place

Tarah O'Shea '18, Pottery of Castelli, Italy
Castelli, Abruzzo, Italy

"This photo was taking while on a tour of the Simonetti pottery shop during the 2016 summer study abroad program in Italy. The owner of the shop was kind enough to show us the process of making each piece."

Hannah Borriello '18, Together

Culture—Honorable Mention

Hannah Borriello '18, Together
Berlin, Germany

"Zusammen means 'together' in German. The true meaning of this word is critical for us now more than ever."

Kate Bochnewetch '18, Cliff-Hanger

Landscape—First Place

Kate Bochnewetch '18, Cliff-Hanger
County Claire, Ireland

"Wishing I were still studying abroad in Ireland. The west is amazing, and this trip in particular was my favorite. Two friends and I left on a Friday after classes, traveled six hours by bus, and spent the night in a hostel in a small town called Lisdoonvarna. It was so tiny that there were no ATMs in the entire town. The next morning we took another bus to the Cliffs and spent hours walking the path and sitting on the edge (sorry, Mom!). The view was astounding. We got back home to Waterford around midnight. Nothing quite like whirlwind trips with new friends and swinging your feet over a 700-foot ledge."

Lisa Lindenbaum '17, Italy at Dusk

Landscape—Second Place

Lisa Lindenbaum '17, Italy at Dusk
Venice, Italy

"This image was taken on Ponte dell'Accademia on June 1, 2016. Italy yawns and closes its eyes, and we take one last glimpse at the canal before jumping on the last vaporetto (water taxi) of the night."

Jacob Gleason '19, La Vista de Las Ruinas de Ollanta

Landscape—Third Place

Jacob Gleason '19, La Vista de Las Ruinas de Ollanta
Ollantaytambo, Peru

"While participating in a service-learning trip to the Sacred Valley of Peru, I was able to hike one of the surrounding mountains near our base city, Ollantaytambo. From my vantage point, I could see our entire city, the ruins (across the way in the bottom right), and the landscape of the villages and the mountain outside the city. This view was my favorite from the trip because it is a great display of the balance between modern, city life, and the respect for the Incan/Quechua values that are so prevalent in Peruvian culture."

Ganli Demyttenaere '19, Cliffsitting

Landscape—Honorable Mention

Ganli Demyttenaere '19, Cliffsitting
Zhangjiajie National Park, China

"Cliffsitting was taken in Zhangjiajie National Park in China. One of my friends and I spent a week there exploring the park as well as other areas around Zhangjiajie during our two-month travel trip around Asia."