Stephen Demanchick


Dr. Demanchick's clinical and research interests include play therapy, filial therapy, school-based prevention, and clinical supervision.

He was awarded the American Association of Play Therapy Service Award for 2011. He was also appointed to co edit the The Person-Centered Journal (PCJ), the oldest continuously running person-centered peer-reviewed publication in English. PCJ is sponsored by the Association for the Development of the Person-Centered Approach (ADPCA) to promote and disseminate scholarly thinking about person-centered principles, practices, and philosophy" (

Dr. Demanchick edits International Journal of Play Therapy and has published several book chapters, articles and book reviews.

Play is Therapy podcast

Play is Therapy audio podcasts are dedicated to discussions about play therapy and the therapeutic uses of play. Each episode is approximately an hour long, hosted by Dr. Demanchick, and includes in-depth interviews with expert play therapy practitioners, scholars, and/or researchers. The podcast is informative, entertaining, and encourages discussions about play therapy beyond scholarly books and journals.

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Episode #1: Neurobiology and Play Therapy
Episode #2: Child-Centered Play Therapy with Jeff and Nancy Cochran
Stephen Demanchick in Nazareth's play therapy center