Michael C. Walker Math Center

In-person and some virtual services offered for spring 2024 semester

Virtual tutoring in the Math Center

More information for virtual and in-person tutoring this semester is available in a Moodle course called "Virtual Math Center." Check Moodle to see if you already have access. If you do not yet have access, but would like it, email Dr. Heather Ames Lewis (using your Nazareth University email) at hlewis5@naz.edu to request to be added.  Drop in online tutoring is also available through the Zoom link in the Virtual Math Center

In-person tutoring in the Math Center 

Location: Peckham 202 (by the Braveman Student Collaborative Center)
Phone: 585-389-2671

For in-person tutoring, just drop in when a tutor is on-duty; no appointment needed!  Check the Virtual Math Center in the Moodle course discussed above to see the most up-to-date information about shifts.

The Math Center offers:

  • a place to study 
  • peer tutors for free drop-in tutoring – no appointments necessary
  • solutions manuals and alternative texts (for some classes)

Tutors can help with all 100-level and most 200-level math courses. In addition, they can help with:

  • general math questions, even from other courses or subjects
  • math questions in computer assignments, even if they are not familiar with the computer programs themselves.

The Math Center is the hub of of the Mathematics Department.  The Math Club uses this setting as their home base. The majors enjoy time with each other, either discussing real work or real life, and the tutors welcome all others who would like to know more. Majors and non-majors alike use it as a valuable learning resource as well as a gathering place.

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