Faculty and Staff

Our values and mission


Integrity and Diversity

We are a community committed to individual and artistic integrity and inclusion. We promote and respect self-expression, a wide range of ideas, and diversity in all its forms. We are committed to finding and addressing structural inequities where they exist in our culture and our processes.

Excellence, Creativity and Passion

With a focus on excellence, we inspire, challenge and support the thinkers, dreamers and doers who are passionate about using their creative work to impact society.

Connections and Collaboration

We connect the theory and art of design and performance in the classroom and beyond, expanding artistic possibilities through creative collaboration.

OUR MISSION: To Advance Human Creativity

Nazareth University’s Theatre and Dance Department is dedicated to advancing creativity and humanity in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.

We believe creativity is the true catalyst for social and economic change and the most essential skill for success in today’s society. We champion the arts as relevant, critical, and essential to our contemporary lives; to uphold artistic tradition and embrace creative innovation as vehicles for human transformation and cultural betterment.

We deliver a diverse curriculum grounded in critical inquiry, professionalism, and creative practice, which enables students to both explore and transcend different artistic disciplines.

We are committed to being the place of choice for thinkers, doers and dreamers - the whole person - at a constantly evolving university devoted to the art and science of creativity for a better world. 

This mission statement is an outcome of the university’s strategic planning process and our department’s Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Task Force objectives.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION Guiding Principles for the Performing Arts

In order to create a sense of community among all of our constituents, we will foster and further the following values:

  • A passion for the arts, shared with others through our actions and creative efforts;
  • A respect for diversity of thought and being;
  • A standard of professionalism through integrity of action;
  • An openness to critical thinking and an exchange of ideas, demanding mutual respect for diversity of opinion and response;
  • A collaborative effort to create safe and inclusive spaces;
  • A commitment to excellence in learning, teaching, research, performance, and service;
  • A pedagogy that combines tradition and innovation with theory and practice;
  • An immersive curriculum that equips students to create solutions for the twenty-first century;
  • A pledge towards a progressive approach to evaluation and improvement of our curricular endeavors.