Dining App

Step 1: Register your NazCard account

  • At Naz eAccounts, log in using your Naz credentials. (That login page is also available from the Naz website's A-Z index, under Naz Card Accounts.)
    • Your email should have @naz.edu not @mail.naz.edu. Do not use your personal email.
  • Your customer number is your student ID number. You can find it on your ID card, or in NazNet Self-Service on your profile screen.
  • Select Register. Your registration should now be complete.

Step 2: Get the app

Download Everyday app from your app store

Step 3: Add payment method

  • Open the app and set up your profile/account. You must use the same Naz email (@naz.edu) as you entered in e-Accounts.
  • After your profile is complete, go to Payment Methods
  • Select Add meal plan card. You will be prompted to enter your username and password — the same credentials you entered in e-accounts
  • You should then see a message that you were successful.
  • Then you may order in app.

Step 4: Enjoy mobile ordering

Mobile ordering is available for our retail locations: The Cab, Millie's, and Cafe 9.

Meal trade menu items can be found under "Meal Deals" tab in each location.

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