Science Club Meeting

October 3, 2017 12:10 – 1 p.m.

As mentioned at our last meeting, the Science Club is holding a T-shirt competition this semester. This event is campus wide - the more the merrier! 
Students will vote at our next meeting (10/3) to pick the winning T-shirt design. From there, the shirts will be printed and made available to Science Club members at the annual National Chemistry Week event held on 10/26. This event will include experiments, treats, tie dye, and much more! 
We ask that you design on a white T-shirt with black text, so people can tie dye their Science Club T-shirt. Blank tees will also be made available for tie dye
If you're in need of inspiration; the theme of National Chemistry Week, chosen by the American Chemical Society, is "Chemistry Rocks!". You can design your shirt at and send it to the Science Club email for voting.
Best of luck! There are no limits to creativity!