FA choir practice

October 9, 2017 7 – 8:30 p.m.

About the FA choir:

We welcome singers and musicians interested in performing songs and musical pieces from around the world. These songs come from the many countries our members represent, and are performed in languages such as: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Zulu...

Singers do not need to speak a foreign language to be a part of the choir. They just need to come with an open-hearted interest in learning about the diversity and richness of our many cultures. Indeed, current choir members come from many different countries or cultural heritages: America, Brasil, China, France, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Japan, Palestine.

Those interested in teaching the chorale a song in their native language or in a language they master and love are encouraged to attend our sing-along rehearsals, twice a semester, and to let us know of their interest!!

The French American choir or FA Choir (also sometime referred to as the World/Diversity choir) was founded in 2011 at Nazareth College by Dr. Le Breton and her students of French. Choir conductor: Mrs Barbara Savage.


Callahan Theater, Maison Française, Casa Hispana, Casa Italiana, at Nazareth College; The Rochester City Hall; Brighton Town Library; Monroe Community College (MCC); Valley Manor Senior Living; Maplewood Estates Senior Living; and the Annual Nazareth College Performing for Social Justice Poetry and Music Competition for High School and College Students.


Dr. Mireille Le Breton: