RIO Workshop

September 25, 2019 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. September 4 – December 11
Upcoming dates:
Sep 25
Oct 2
Oct 9
Oct 16
Oct 23

  • York Wellness, Room 127
  • Open to Nazareth Community Only
  • Attendance is Free

RIO focuses on changing one’s relationship with stress and creating flexibility in how one responds to it. Participants are identified as having symptoms of stress, anxiety, anger, academic and/or financial concerns, social concerns, relationship and/or roommate struggles.

The sessions includes 3 modules dedicated to students gaining a deeper understanding of their specific concerns, creating flexibility in how concerns are viewed and approached, and helping students take steps towards becoming more open and accepting of their own experiences. By the end of the workshop, students create a road map of change based on personal values and goals.

RIO stands for Recognition, Insight and Openness.

Recognition – become aware of moment-to-moment experiences

Insight – more easily understand how one experiences and respond to distress

Openness – move towards becoming more open and accepting of experiences, while demonstrating openness to more effective coping

If you are interested come to to the health and counseling center to be placed in a workshop.

RIO Workshop


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