Experiential Record Initiative

The Experiential Record at Naz is a systematic, campus-wide data collection process created to track all undergraduate and graduate students’ levels of engagement in experiential education opportunities.

Centralizing this knowledge and gathering various, independent streams of data into one place enables faculty and staff to better support students through advising and coaching, identify appropriate support strategies for specific populations, further strengthen relationships with community partners, as well as leverage stories for marketing and donor relations.

Additional Information

Categories of Data to Submit
  • CIVIC/COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: any type of credit-bearing or non-credit bearing experiences that engage our students in and with our surrounding or on-campus communities. This outreach promotes the quality of life in a community and can also include political and non-political processes, advocacy as well as philanthropy.

  • CONFERENCES: any conferences that faculty or staff bring students to attend or present at because of their involvement in a club or program.

  • FINE ARTS CREATIVE ACTIVITY: an expression of one’s discipline in the arts that demonstrates learned proficiency and involves rigorous planning, practice, and the execution of an experience.

  • GLOBAL LEARNING: community-engaged courses and programs that support the achievement of such learning outcomes as civic knowledge and intercultural knowledge and competence through an immersive experience.

  • HONORS AND AWARDS: any honors or awards that a department gives to recognize a student.

  • RESEARCH: The sustained process of inquiry and innovation with the intent to establish original ideas and facts and/or to reach new conclusions. Research entails the collection of data or information; the documentation, analysis, and interpretation of that data/information/texts/visuals, and the communication of results to external audiences in accordance with the norms and expectations of one's academic discipline.

  • STUDENT LEADERSHIP: refers to activities such as serving in a leadership role on campus or participating in the Leadership Program that increases a student’s leadership capacity and efficacy through skill development, application, and practice.

FAQs & Guides
  • For detailed instructions on the use of the Experiential Record web form, please click here.
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

Contact Information
  • For questions regarding the data pertaining to the experiential learning pathways and categories, please contact Adam Lewandowski: alewand8@naz.edu, ext. 2307.
  • For inquiries pertaining to requesting reports and data management, please contact Julie Rao: jrao2@naz.edu, ext. 2072.
  • For other technical issues, including issues accessing the web form, please contact the Information Technology Services department: usl@naz.edu, ext. 2111.

Please ensure your data from AY 2021-2022 are entered using the link below.

Experiential Record Tableau Dashboard:

Tableau Dashboard (updated 22/November)