Institutional Research

Research & Assessment Resources

IPEDS College Navigator: Internet tool developed by the National Center for Education Statistics to compare colleges based on the information filed in federal IPEDS reports.

UCAN: Internet tool for college comparisons based on the Common Data Set (data included in most published ranking surveys such as US News) and submitted by each participating college.

Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Middle States Institution Directory: Listing of all schools that are members of MSCHE.

Middle States Summary of Annual Institutional Profiles: Summary report of information taken from the Annual Institutional Profiles filed by each member school.

Middle States Standards for Accreditation: Select and print out the most current copy of "Characteristics of Excellence."

Guidelines for Institutional Improvement is Middle States' listing of the most recent versions of manuals on student learning assessment, information literacy, distance learning, and other valuable references.

Middle States Standards -- Worksheets: Listing of Fundamental Elements of each Middle States Standard.