Konar Center for Tolerance and Jewish Studies

Programs and Events

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Spring 2021

1/18/21  MLK Day Virtual Commemoration: Mobilizing The Mind: Advocacy, Activism, & Antiracism

1/18/21  ROC Hillel WinterFest: The Power of Speech

1/27/21 International Holocaust Remembrance Day

1/28/21  Torah Thursdays begin

2/11/21 I Dissent: RBG, The Rule of Law and Compromise in an Age of Polarization

2/19/21 Rising Out of Hatred: Book Club

2/19/21 Migration is A Human Right Flash Forum

2/25/21  Chag Purim Sameach: Mishloach Manot for Students

3/12/21 Shannon Chair: Restorative Justice with Dr David Karp

3/26/21 Migration is a Human Right: About Face Movie

3/27/21 Hillel Passover Seder SUNY Geneseo

3/30/21  Teaching Seder with Hillel

4/2/21 Pesach Film Discussion

4/12/21 Standing in Solidarity with our AAPI+I Nazareth Community

4/22/21 Being the Architect of Your Own Voice: Civil Discourse with Lara Schwartz

Fall 2020

LGS 358 Civil Rights Law

9/10/20 Black Lives Matter- So That All May Breathe

9/29/20 Standing Together

9/29/20 Raising the Sukkah with Hillel

10/7/20 Welcoming Today's Stranger

10/15/20 Thursday Torah Teachings

11/12/20 Connections with Evan Dawson

11/12/20 A Conversation with Abraham H. Foxman


Spring 2020

Holocaust Film and Lecture Series
1/27/20 International Holocaust Remembrance Day
2/6/20 UN World Harmony Week
2/13/20 Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism

Fall 2019

9/8/19 Healing Injustice
10/16/19 Welcoming Today's Stranger for Sukkot
10/22/19 What If?
12/3/19 Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?
12/9/19 Winter's Light Service
Rising Out of Hatred Book Club

Rising out of Hatred Book Club

Beginning February 19th, 2021, all are welcome to join our discussion on this very important book

Standing Together

    Rochester Public Defender Shares Information on Freedom of Speech, Peaceful Protest, and What Happen