Computer Use Policy

Last updated: June, 2018

The Nazareth Library provides computing resources to support the research and educational needs of the Nazareth community.  All library computer or internet users, including Nazareth Alumni and non-Nazareth University community visitors, must adhere to the Library’s Computer Use Policy and follow acceptable standards of conduct, as outlined in the Computer Use Policy, the Library Code of Conduct, and the Nazareth University Computing Code of Conduct.

Access to computing resources in the library is a privilege, not a right.  The library seeks to balance the need for high quality computing resources and access to information with every patron’s right to an environment in which they feel comfortable.  

Users are responsible for ethical and legal use of computing resources within the library, including library computers as well as personal technology.  These resources must not be used in such a way that negatively impacts the environment for other patrons.

The following are examples of computing resource usage that are prohibited:

  • Violating Nazareth University policies or contracts

  • Violating any local, state or federal laws

  • Continuing to use computing resources after being directed to stop by library staff

  • Viewing materials in a public space which may be considered offensive to others and fall under the Nazareth University sexual harassment guidelines

  • Viewing or accessing materials that are inappropriate according to Nazareth University community standards, including pornography

Any library patron who feels that a computer resource is being misused should report the violation to the Library Information Desk staff.  Violators of this policy are subject to the Library Code of Conduct.

Nazareth University does not restrict access to sites based on content or on potential copyright issues.  It is, however, incumbent upon every individual using university resources to adhere to the Nazareth University Computing Code of Conduct, which includes issues related to content and copyright.  The library bears no responsibility for internet content.

Nazareth  Library supports Intellectual Freedom and Privacy Rights.  These are articulated in the Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries.