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President Daan Braveman Affirms Inclusion in the Wake of Racism and Violence in Charlottesville

Published August 16, 2017

From Nazareth College President Daan Braveman:

"The events of the past weekend in Charlottesville are painful reminders that a disturbing level of hatred has been unleashed, which is causing violence and tragic deaths. There should be universal and unequivocal condemnation of such evil racist and anti-Semitic violence.

As we start the new academic year, it is more important than ever to reaffirm our commitment to creating an inclusive community, a community where differences can be viewed as a source of strength and where people treat each other with respect and concern. Our statement on Diversity and Inclusion provides:

'Nazareth College embraces a society that is both diverse and inclusive, and values both respect for the person and freedom of speech. Respect for the dignity of all people is the essential part of the College's tradition, mission and vision for the future as we advance a socially just an equitable community. The College promotes civility and denounces acts of hatred, violence, and/or intolerance...

Nazareth College is dedicated to inclusion, the active pursuit of conscious and sustained practices and processes that value and respect differences. This commitment to diversity and inclusion informs our curriculum, teaching, learning, scholarship, creative activities, co-curricular activities, residential life, community involvement, and support of these endeavors by the Nazareth Community.'

Let us begin the year with a renewed focus on our shared potential of doing good work together and holding fast to our core values as represented in our statement on diversity and inclusion."

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