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Atlas Center Opens on Campus

Published October 07, 2019

Nazareth College’s Atlas Center is now open to help students, faculty, and staff navigate life by offering guidance to those at an intersection of sexuality and gender.

What does Atlas stand for? “Atlas is not an acronym. We actually play off the definition in two ways,” said Director for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Education Olajiwon McCadney. “An atlas is a tool for navigation, and Atlas will be a place to assist in the navigation of identity at the intersections of gender and sexuality. Additionally, Atlas was the name of a titan in Greek mythology who was tasked with carrying the world on their shoulders. Atlas will be a place where LGBTQ+ identifying students can take off that 'weight' and be their authentic selves.” 

Located behind the Forum in the Shults Center, the Atlas gender and sexuality navigation resource center includes a library space with books donated by Out Alliance of Rochester. This allows campus members to read fiction and non-fiction books with LGBTQ+ characters. Other campus resources include information on the school’s food pantry, the Health and Counseling Center, and a myriad of community partners in the Rochester area such as Trillium Health, Victory Alliance, the MOCHA Center, and more. 

Nazareth community members will also be provided with assistance with locating chosen name and/or gender identity change forms, LGBTQ+ friendly clubs on campus, as well as locations for all-use restrooms on campus.

"You want to create spaces and mitigate barriers to belonging,” said McCadney. “So, if this is a barrier to belonging, how can you make students feel like 'I’m here, I matter, and I’m here on purpose?"

The hours of the Center for the fall semester are:

  • Monday: 12pm to 4pm
  • Tuesday: 10:30am to 3:30pm
  • Wednesday:  10:30am to 3:30pm

Someone will be in the Atlas center during open hours to assist visitors.

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