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Dropping the GRE and adding flexibility improves equity and access to graduate teacher certification programs

Published December 06, 2021

You no longer need to take the GRE (graduate record examination) or another standardized graduate admissions exam to pursue a teacher preparation master’s degree – which makes a teaching degree more accessible. 

“This is an important move toward equity, and toward welcoming more talented people to become teachers and to advance in the profession, by making the application process easier and more affordable,” said Kathleen M. DaBoll-Lavoie, Ph.D., dean of the Nazareth College School of Education. Graduate admissions exams and test preparation services are costly and time-consuming, which can be a barrier, and research suggests standardized tests are not necessarily predictive of academic success.

The removal of the standardized test requirement, which allows for a more holistic review of applicants’ strengths, supports Nazareth College’s commitment to transformative education that prepares and inspires courageous changemakers for their life’s work. “If you would be a great teacher, we encourage you to connect with us and explore your next steps to becoming exactly the teacher you’re meant to be,” said DaBoll-Lavoie. “Students need you and what you have to offer.”

DaBoll-Lavoie added, “A diverse, dedicated workforce of teachers is valuable to prepare children well for our increasingly diverse and interconnected world.” 

Nazareth’s high-quality education degrees offer personalized attention and are formatted to fit busy lives — such as hybrid courses that bring you to campus just one night per week in the fall and spring (with additional face-to-face meeting time during the summer) and the remainder happens online.

A second change by New York state enables colleges to accept into graduate teaching programs more high-potential students whose undergraduate grade point average was below 3.0, providing more flexibility for people who had extenuating circumstances.

“Nazareth is looking for people eager to learn and practice the strategies to make a difference in children’s lives through education,” said Judith Baker, director of Graduate Admissions. “And we are here to provide personal attention and guidance to support you.” She offers live chats, virtual info sessions, and virtual meetings to learn about Nazareth’s education programs and admissions.

Nazareth’s graduate education programs lead to initial, professional, and additional certification. You can gain the expertise and experience to teach across the age spectrum (birth to grade 12) in a variety of areas and disciplines.

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