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Nazareth Professors Weis and Campbell honored for contributions to international education

Published October 02, 2023

In gratitude for their ongoing support and contributions to international education, the University of Pannonia in Vesprém, Hungary honored Nazareth University English Professor emerita Monica Weis, Ph.D., SSJ, and Philosophy Professor Scott Campbell, Ph.D., with the Pannonia Award. This award is bestowed by the Academic Senate of the University of Pannonia to recognize outstanding individuals who have made significant positive contributions to the establishment of long-term relationships with the University of Pannonia, fostering international collaboration and cooperation. These awards were given last spring during the annual America Week conference at the University of Pannonia.

"Professors Monica Weis and Scott Campbell have done a great deal to build bridges between Nazareth University and the University of Pannonia,” said Szilárd Szentgyörgyi, associate professor and chair of the English and American Studies Institute at the University of Pannonia. “As a result of their great efforts and open, friendly, and never resting personalities, the two institutions have grown together and members of each may easily feel at home in the other, for which we, at the University of Pannonia, will forever be grateful!"

Campbell received the award in Hungary during the America Week conference. He and two other Nazareth faculty members, Heather Lewis and Nicole Juersivich, took eight students to Hungary for a study abroad trip during spring break. In addition to learning about the history and culture of Hungary, all of the students delivered presentations at the America Week conference.

Campbell, who founded America Week, is the director of Nazareth’s master’s degree in American Studies, a program he created after he was a Fulbright Scholar in Hungary in 2008. “Nazareth University and the University of Pannonia have been working together on study abroad and student exchange programs for many years,” said Campbell. “In addition to the joint MA program in American Studies, Heather Lewis and I bring Nazareth students to Hungary almost every year, and our graduate students can take classes and do internships in Hungary. It is an honor for me to be recognized for contributing to these highly successful international education programs.”

Weis, who received her award over Zoom, taught American literature as a Fulbright Visiting Professor at the University of Pannonia in fall 2011. She continues to support Nazareth and Pannonia by presenting at conferences and helping students and faculty prepare theses and their own Fulbright proposals. 

“I cherish the long-lasting connections I have made at the University of Pannonia and am honored to now have a citation and medal to remember the wonderful times abroad,” said Weis. “My heart is still with my Hungarian friends, and to them I say, ‘köszönöm szépen.” (Thank You very much.)

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