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New county-wide teacher residency program provides scholarships, pay, and experiences to support more high-quality teachers

A $3.6 million grant from the New York State Department of Labor’s Empire State Teacher Residency Program launches a new county-wide collaboration to strengthen teaching in Monroe County schools. The Monroe Regional Teacher Residency Consortium will support the training of 120 aspiring PK-12 teachers who enroll in 15-month master’s degree and initial teacher certification programs at Nazareth University’s School of Education and the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education over the next two years.

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Nazareth officially becomes Nazareth University, June 1

After operating as a college for 99 years, Nazareth University celebrated both its official transition to university status and its new name in a historic celebration on campus May 31. The event also marked the unveiling of Nazareth University’s new visual identity, including an updated logo that celebrates its rich history while repositioning the Nazareth brand to reflect the institution’s new name. The transition to Nazareth University — which legally takes effect at midnight on June 1, 2023 — ushers in another century of Nazareth educating true changemakers who positively impact the world through their life's work. 

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Nazareth receives $2.6M Dept. of Education grant to support grad students pursuing careers as school mental health professionals

High-need school districts have more students and families battling mental health issues due to the pandemic. Nazareth graduate students in social work and art therapy will work in schools and gain experience with significant tuition and expenses support.

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