Teaching and Research Facilities

Nazareth College ranks among the top 20 for science labs nationwide in The Princeton Review's 2017 college guide.


  • 20 labs serving biology, anatomy, pre-medical, chemistry, physics, biomedical, toxicology, clinical lab sciences, math, computing and ecology
  • 6 large classrooms with flexible space accommodate a variety of teaching needs
  • New smartboards, web-cams, multimedia projection and wireless computing capabilities
  • Plenty of plug-in spaces for laptops
  • Accommodations for future technological innovations
  • Students and faculty can conduct sophisticated experiments
  • Some rooms, such as the interdisciplinary lab, are designed specifically to facilitate collaboration across departments


Math and Science Labs
Interdisciplinary Classrooms
Research Areas
Collaborative Spaces


Chromatography Instruments
Additional Research Instrumentation and Facility Features

Student Research Projects