Undergraduate Research and Internships

Undergraduate research is an exciting opportunity for biology students to work with faculty and experience the process of discovery. The biology faculty has developed a culture of scholarship in which students learn how to use research to strengthen their understanding of biological concepts. Undergraduate research is actively encouraged throughout the students' curriculum to invigorate learning.

Nazareth students have completed research investigations in a variety of areas including genetics, developmental biology, ecology, microbiology, animal physiology, and plant biology.

Faculty/Student Research Projects


During the summer of 2023, students participated in a variety of research projects with Biology Department faculty members:

Evolution and paleobiology of African snakes
(Dr. Jacob McCartney with students:  Lilianna Hanning and Catherine Zak)

There are two projects this summer exploring the evolution and paleobiology of snakes. The first project is the description and identification of Egyptian fossils from the time of the dinosaurs, which represent part of the first wave of snake evolution. The study will include physical description and interpretation of the possible lifestyle of the species when alive. The second project is based on a much younger fossil from Tanzania in East Africa. The fossil shows evidence of disease, causing fusion of adjacent bones. This project will study and describe the results of the disease, and attempt to provide a diagnosis of the cause.

Determination of left-right organ asymmetry in the frog Xenopus laevis 

(Dr. Alin Vonica with students:  Brianna LaRose, Kiara Roman, Kayleigh Ronas, and Ismail Mohamed)