Why Choose Nazareth for Asian Studies?

The growing influence of Asian culture, economics, and politics across our globe is transforming social, political, and cultural institutions everywhere. Nazareth’s Asian studies degree program is designed to prepare majors and minors to meet the requirements of emerging global realities.

Asian studies majors and minors benefit from course offerings across campus departments, from targeted language training, and from international experience. Students choose between one of two tracks: East Asia (primarily China and Japan) and South Asia (primarily India and Pakistan).

Students hone competencies suitable for employment or graduate study in a range of fields targeted to accommodate Asia’s growing international prominence. Fields of employment and further study suitable for Asian program graduates include public and international affairs, international law, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Companies with foreign operations increasingly demand graduates who are aware of the international dimensions of business, are knowledgeable about the histories and current dimensions of globalization, and are able to communicate in the languages commonly spoken in different parts of the world. Course requirements for Nazareth Asian studies majors enable students to include minors or a second major in complementary fields of interest.

Program Highlights

  • Course offerings in 12 academic disciplines across the Nazareth campus promote broad exposure to Asia’s cultural, political, and economic histories and to the ways Asian regions impact and are impacted by current global affairs.
  • Asian program students supplement coursework and enhance language skills with international learning experiences, typically through study abroad programs, cooperative education, or internships in foreign countries.
  • Rochester, NY, location provides opportunities to interact with local Asian communities and local Asian professionals to foster cultural connections and international business and internship contacts.
  • Nazareth College’s established programs and centers such as Forced Migration Studies, Refugee Student Alliance, Center for Service Learning, and Center for Civic Engagement enhance opportunities for student outreach to local Asian populations. 
  • Study abroad option: View the various options for studying abroad, including studying religious pluralism in India.

Typical Class Schedule


Contact Information

Corinne G. Dempsey

Corinne G. Dempsey

Associate Professor & Rosemarie Beston Chair for International Studies in Religious Studies
Golisano Academic Center 360

This is What Golden Flyers Do

    Example Careers

    • International business
    • Translator
    • Public and international affairs
    • International law
    • Family counseling
    • Ethnomusicology


    • U.S. State Department
    • U.S. Congressional and senate campaigns
    • English instructors in China, South Korea, Japan

    Graduate Schools

    • Korea University
    • The American University
    • George Washington University
    • Eastman School of Music
    • University of Rochester
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    Spotlight: Focus on China

    "Considering China's growing importance in the lives of our students and for the 21st century, there is no substitute for firsthand experience in this country."

    Dr. Nevan Fisher, History Professor