Why Choose Nazareth for Business, Artificial Intelligence, and Innovation?

The growth of artificial intelligence will disrupt many parts of society. Nazareth University provides you the opportunity to lead in a business or organization by identifying machine learning opportunities, resolving ethical issues, developing successful business cases, implementing artificial intelligence projects, and preparing an organization for change. Organizations need people who can translate the strategic objectives into successful AI solutions that achieve goals — and who can guide the organization to optimize the data they already have.

Nazareth University integrates business, technology, leadership, innovation, and ethics to provide you with unique and highly demanded skills in this exponential growth area. Small classes with industry experts and the right tools provide you with experiential learning opportunities to understand and shape how artificial intelligence can positively impact an institution’s goals as well as society.

This program is part of Nazareth's Institute for Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Society (ITAS) — to prepare students to create and improve technologies that lead to healthy, positive, and just outcomes with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity, innovation, and employability.

Nazareth is among three dozen members of the Public Interest Technology University Network — alongside Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, and Stanford University — focused on building the nascent field of public interest technology and growing a new generation of civic-minded technologists.

Program Highlights

  • Build your artificial intelligence foundation around machine learning, programming software, data science, and AI applications.
  • Gain skills that enable you to see creative opportunities to apply artificial intelligence in a business, institution, or organization.
  • Integrate business skills with artificial intelligence skills to make the best choices, develop business cases, and lead successful project teams to implement AI applications.
  • Balance artificial intelligence opportunities with ethical decisions to drive growth without damaging any  community.
  • Courses include Organizational Inquiry and Creativity; AI Strategy and Process Improvement; Artificial Intelligence Project Leadership; and Business, Artificial Intelligence, & Innovation Internship

Program Details

Options, Requirements, and Course Descriptions
Joseph Porter teaches about artificial intelligence


Dr. Joseph Porter, Jr.

"You'll be more marketable to employers if you have knowledge about technologies and artificial intelligence. When I worked in IBM's Research Lab, IBM built image analytic (IA) solutions that improved the quality of health care while reducing costs. For example, the IA compared images from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) against image databases to recognize abnormalities. 

There are examples in many industries. Gallo Wines increased grape production profits by using data from NASA satellites, soil samples, and weather patterns. 

I use examples like this in class to get students thinking about and contributing to a future where the new norm might include self-driving cars/trucks — and drones delivering packages, conducting surveillance, or taking pictures. AI possibilities are infinite, and I enjoy encouraging students to think outside the box about solutions that may improve business and society."

Porter is an assistant clinical professor with a teaching focus on business analytics, which includes decision making based on insights from data. He holds a doctorate in professional studies from Pace University with a concentration in computing.

College of Distinction: Business badge

Example Careers

  • AI scrum/project leader
  • Artificial intelligence product owner
  • Sales development leader
  • Internal business development leader
  • External business development leader
  • Chatbot copywriter


Your Center for Life’s Work career coach will work with you to arrange an artificial intelligence internship with a company, nonprofit, or government office that’s using artificial intelligence, where you will apply the skills you’ve learned in the program and gain more skills and insights.

Nazareth has connections and partnerships with a range of organizations that are investing in artificial intelligence, including:

GPA Requirement and Probation Policy