Facts and Criteria

What is the SPARK grant?

Beginning in January 2018, Nazareth is offering $1,500 grants to help cover undergraduate student costs for an unpaid or underpaid summer internship, international experience (study abroad and service trips abroad), or summer research. 

Who is eligible?

  • First-time (meaning you don't have a bachelor's degree) undergraduate students within 24 months of your start date at Nazareth
  • First-time (you don't have a bachelor's degree) undergraduate transfer students within 12 months of your start date at Nazareth (Exception: If you transfer to Nazareth before the end of your first year, you have 18 months.)
  • GPA of 2.5 or greater when your application is approved (or permission granted by application committee)
  • You must have an active planning process established with your career coach
  • You must be registered at Nazareth for the semester following your SPARK experience

What's the name mean?

SPARK = Students Pursuing Academic and Real-world Knowledge. SPARK is intended to help make possible great opportunities that can spark learning, growth, and connections that can be life-enriching, door-opening, and career-enhancing.

When can it used?

  • Internship and research: May through August (summer only)
  • International experience with Nazareth-connected programs: Anytime (within the eligibility timeframe)

Are there other benefits to the SPARK Grant program?

  • Housing: If you line up a summer internship or summer research role in Rochester and you're not from this area, a limited number of on-campus rooms are available for a nominal fee. Indicate your housing need on the SPARK Grant application. (More details below.)
  • Credits: You can receive up to three credit(s) for a summer internship, research, or study abroad experience (within the eligibility time frame) at no charge.

How to Apply

1. Talk to your career coach — early — for guidance. Also see the guidelines below for internships, research, and international experiences.

2. Line up the program you're going to do, meaning get accepted into an international experience program, a summer internship role, or a summer research role. Get the appropriate experience approval form signed before the experience:

3. Have all of the following handy in digital form:

  • signed experience approval form (see step 2). You can scan and email it to yourself at the Nazareth library at no charge.
  • your resume as a pdf (See your career coach for resume help.)
  • unofficial transcript (Login to Naznet Self-Service, choose Academics, then Student Planning, then Unofficial Transcript.)

4. Let your career coach know you have found an experience and are ready to complete the application. With the documents ready to upload, fill out the SPARK Grant application form online. Must be done before the experience.

What happens after I apply? What are the next steps?

  • Your application will be reviewed by the SPARK committee (including your career coach). You will receive an email in about one week to let you know whether your application has been approved.
  • Then, to get the funds, see Christina Luther, cluther8@naz.edu, in Golisano Academic Center 121, for instructions to help you fill out the Accounts Payable Student Payment Check Request form correctly. 
  • Christina Luther will submit your completed check request to Accounts Payable during, or just before, the term you'll be using your SPARK grant.
  • If you want a direct deposit to your bank account, promptly follow the E-Check steps to provide your bank information, since it takes 2 weeks to verify that account.
  • Once Accounts Payable approves the check request form, you will get an electronic transfer (if you set up E-check in time) or a check by mail (to the address you provided on the check request form) within 2-3 weeks.

Detailed Guidelines

SPARK Grant for Research

What's required for research to be eligible?
CARS presentation

SPARK Grant for International Experience

Which international experiences qualify?
How do I make sure study abroad credits transfer to Nazareth?
Can I use the SPARK Grant for trip advance payment(s)?

SPARK Grant for internships

What qualifies as an internship?
How do I find an internship?
Am I guaranteed a SPARK-eligible internship?
Paid or unpaid? "Underpaid"?
Do I have to intern in Rochester?
How do I know which internship course to enroll in?
Can this count as the internship required for my major?
Can I get a SPARK Grant for a past internship?
What if I line up a paid (not-SPARK-eligible) internship for the summer after freshman or sophomore year: Do I have to pay for those credits?
Does the 2-credit summer internship scholarship still exist?

Summer Housing on Campus

Who can use summer housing for SPARK Grant experiences?
What if my internship is paid (I'm not SPARK eligible), but I would like to live on campus?
What's included? What's not?

SPARK Grant funds

Is my award based on financial award status or need?
How many SPARK grants can I receive?
Do other funding streams for students affect SPARK eligibility?
Are there tax implications?
What happens if I fail to complete my SPARK experience?
Does the 2-credit summer internship scholarship still exist?
Other questions?
Nick Napoli at BMG

Grant Helped Nick Napoli '18

A SPARK Grant enabled this music/business major to pay for commuting to a great internship in Manhattan. Read about Nick Napoli's experience.

Info Sheet for Internship Providers

Info Sheet for Internship Providers (and potential providers) summarizes how Nazareth can help support a student to be able to pursue an unpaid summer internship or summer research position.

Juniors and Seniors

If you're not eligible for a SPARK Grant, talk to your career coach about other potential sources of funding.