Master of Science

Modern marketing leaders must quickly analyze constantly changing trends and proactively form strategies for a diverse amount of products and services audiences depend on. The Master of Science (M.S.) in Strategic Marketing program provides unique and highly demanded marketing skills while developing leadership abilities to drive high performance for clients and firms. Graduates of this program will effectively steer marketing teams toward success in an unceasingly competitive environment.

Program Key Features

  • Gain media expertise to efficiently reach customers, digital marketing mastery to optimize returns on investment, and effective persuasive skills to motivate consumers.
  • Acquire team-building, consulting, and other leadership skills in an experiential, action learning environment.
  • Choose full-time or part-time. The full-time program meets in person two weekends per month.
  • Classes meet on campus on weekends, and online.
  • The program was developed by industry leaders to teach needed, specific, and demanded marketing skills that a company or agency could not do by themselves.
  • Integrated experience plus convenience and service make your degree work seamless and pleasant.
  • In a full-semester capstone project, apply your skills and build your portfolio by working with a community non-profit client on real marketing challenges.

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Taylor Wroblewski

"The Nazareth approach is all encompassing when it comes to leadership. We don't focus on just one skill. We try to really prepare you for any scenario or situation. You're not just going to be an expert in one thing. You're going to be an expert in many things." —Taylor Wroblewski '16, '17G


Online and weekend classes


No GMAT/GRE entrance test required


Complete in 12 months (accelerated option) or 20 months part-time

"Harnessing professional insight and expertise, this powerful program fuels grads to shape the future of marketing and brand building."

— Jeremy Schwartz, Nazareth University program advisory board member; managing partner/creative at Truth Collective

Employment opportunities are projected to grow, according to the U.S. Occupational Outlook Handbook, as organizations compete for market share through effective advertising strategies.

Students: Why Naz?

    Program is Ideal For

    • recent graduates with a bachelor's degree in any field 
    • international students seeking a master's degree in the U.S.
    • student-athletes with an extra year of eligibility
    • account executives, managers, directors, and supervisors
    • graphic artists, visual communication designers, creative directors
    • social media specialists and directors
    • digital marketing specialists, search engine optimization (SEO) experts, and directors
    • information system/technology specialists and directors
    • public relations, content marketing specialists, and directors

    Curriculum Examples

    • Consumer Behavior and Insights
    • Advanced Market Research
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Communication and Media Planning
    • Campaign Budget and Finance
    • Persuasive Communications
    • Digital User Experience (UX)
    • Analytics and Data Visualization
    • Teamwork and Project Management
    • Non-Profit Marketing Consulting (Capstone)


    of the graduates of Nazareth's marketing master's degree program have been employed at graduation, and many gained new positions or promotions related to their degree.

    What to Expect

    • Develop superb media and strategic marketing skills to efficiently reach customers, optimize returns on investment, and motivate your target audience.
    • Exhibit formidable persuasion skills.
    • Demonstrate effective team leadership and consulting skills
    • Acquire team-building, consulting, and other leadership skills in an experiential environment.
    • Benefit from real-world client engagement experience to boost your professional portfolio.

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    Gulshan Fazal

    "I had the desire to work within marketing but without the experience to pursue it. My marketing degree helped me find what I am most passionate about. I gained the knowledge and perspective of the field with the help of my professors, classmates, and the companies we worked with one on one. And I gained confidence... that helped me land a job at Butler/Till."

    — Gulshan Fazal '21G

    College of Distinction: Business badge