German Studies

Enhance your primary degree program by minoring in German studies.

Option #1: Study Abroad

  • Boost your resume with an international internship in your field
  • Fulfill three PEQ requirements in English and one intensive German course at your level
  • Live with a German host family and increase your language and cultural skills
  • Travel with your group to Prague, Dresden, and other major European cities

Program Requirements

  • Take GER 101 and GER 102 on campus, then study abroad in Berlin
  • OR study abroad in Berlin, then take GER 221 or GER 222 on campus

Option #2: All On Campus

Don't have time to study abroad? Take all your courses on campus.

Program Requirements

  • 5 German language courses
    • GER 102: Elementary German II
    • GER 203: The German Cultural World I
    • GER 221: Conversation and Composition I
    • GER 222: Conversation and Composition II
    • GER 301: Intermediate German I 
  • 1 Culture course in English
    • MUS.F 101 or MUS.Q 101: Intro to Western Classical Music
    • MGT 345: Cross-Cultural Management
    • RES 387: Auschwitz and After: Religious Questions and Ethical Dilemmas
    • RES 389: The Holocaust in Italy and France: Fascism, Resistance and Rescue
    • MUS 212: The History of Western Music II (for music majors only)
    • MUS 416: Special Topics in Music History (for music majors only)

Course Descriptions

German Studies (minor)