Double major in a foreign language and an in-demand professional field and be well prepared for your life's work.

Degree Offerings

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Minors: Chinese, French, Italian, SpanishAsian StudiesGerman Studies, and International and Global Studies

Additional Language Options

  • Nazareth's language programs may be combined with childhood education or adolescence education.
  • Students frequently add two to four semesters of a "critical" foreign language to their studies, such as Chinese.

Faculty & Staff

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Study Abroad

Students have the chance to live, study, and practice language skills from a variety of overseas programs in two dozen countries on six continents. 

Language Houses

Engages students in language and culture at Casa HispanaFrank DiMino Casa Italiana, and La Maison Française.

Emerson Language Lab

Take advantage of Nazareth's fully-equipped language lab with resources for eight foreign languages as well as English for speakers of other languages.

Language Clubs

A variety of language clubs allow students of all majors to participate in cultural events and activities outside of the classroom.