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More than 34,000 alumni share the common bond of the Nazareth experience — reconnect with fellow alums and serve as a mentor to current students. Career Connections.jpg

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Stay connected with Naz long after graduation! Attend an on-campus or virtual event, request a transcript, and explore all of the Services & Resources available to you as an alum.

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Explore our Flyers in Focus alumni spotlight podcast. Have an interesting job? Want to share how Naz has helped to get you where you are today? Fill out our alumni spotlight form and you could be featured!

Did you Know?

Nazareth's definition of alumni includes those with 30+ hours of completed credits! We're here for you even if you didn't formally graduate from Naz. 

Reunion Weekend 2019

    paper cranes

    Learn to Fold a Paper Crane

    Join graduate student, Tara Mitsuyasu, as she teaches you how to fold a traditional paper crane, historical symbols of peace worldwide. 

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    Keep in touch with your classmates and let us know what you've been up to since graduation.