Alumni Advisory Board

The Nazareth College Alumnae Association was founded in 1928 by the first graduating class of the institution. In 1974, the name was officially changed to Nazareth College Alumni Association. Then, in 2023, to Nazareth University Alumni Association. The representative body of the Association is the Nazareth Alumni Advisory Board.

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2023-2024 Executive Committee

  • Chair / Alumni Trustee: Danielle Abramson '08
  • Vice Chair: Kelsey Sweet '15 

Standing Committees

Career & Professional Development

The career & professional development committee will help Nazareth facilitate professional connections among alumni and between alumni and students.

Community & Belonging

The community and belonging committee will support Nazareth’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts, specifically in inviting more diverse perspectives to the table to allow for more inclusive programming for both our alum and students.

Early Engagement

The early engagement committee will offer ideas and suggestions for ways in which Nazareth can educate students about what it means to be alumni, help “plant seeds of alumni loyalty”, and how we can address the unique needs of recent alumni who are looking to network, contribute, and volunteer.


The enrollment committee will facilitate the involvement of alumni in the admissions process.

Lifelong Engagement

The lifelong engagement committee will help Nazareth continue to be source of new ideas and experiences for alumni by connecting them with faculty and alumni who are experts in their fields or interests to encourage lifelong learning.


The traditions committee will provide guidance and advice for conducting the time-honored traditions such as reunion and class luncheons.


Danielle Abramson '08 (Chair)

Abramson-Danielle_022-min (1).jpgMajor: Sociology

Minor: Anthropology and Philosophy 

Occupation: Director of Advancement at the University of Rochester's Eastman School of Music

Hometown: Hilton, NY

Residence: Irondequoit, NY

Involvement on Campus: Partners For Serving, Amnesty International, Naz Commuters Association

Favorite member of the Naz community: Dr. Harry Murray, Dr. Otieno Kisiara, Dr. Yamuna Sangarasivam & Adam Lewandowski

What did you learn from Nazareth? "An approach to my career that helped me envision more than just what I would do to make money, and think instead about what kind of positive impact I can have on the world, especially in my local community."

Advice for students? "Embrace the change-maker framework, focus on the kind of person you want to be, and how you can contribute to help build the world you want to live in."


"What's great about Nazareth is the caring, knowledgeable professors and staff, and a wonderfully connected community."

Kelsey Sweet '15 (Vice Chair)

Sweet_Kelsey 3.jpgMajor: Communications and Rhetoric

Minor: Sports Marketing

Occupation: Social Media Strategist for Pegula Sports and Entertainment (Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and Buffalo Bandits)

Hometown: Orchard Park, NY

Residence: Buffalo, NY 

Favorite member of the Naz community: Dr. Lisa Perks and Pete Bothner

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations or athletics? Interned with Nazareth Athletics, Chair of Team Recruitment for Relay for Life, Resident Assistant, and worked in the Scene Shop in the Theater Department

What did you learn from Nazareth? "I grew in so many ways during my time at Nazareth, both personally and professionally. Naz helped me find my passion in not only my career, but also in life connecting with people, learning new things, and always pushing to be better."

Advice for current students? "Never be afraid to try something once! Nazareth is an amazing and safe place to try new things and get out of your comfort zone."


"I love Naz for the opportunities they provide their students to pursue their passions, but also to open their eyes to potential avenues they hadn’t thought about pursuing before! If it weren’t for Naz, I don’t know that I’d be on the track that I am now and I am so grateful."

Lizzie Barlow '09

Lizzie-Barlow__MG_9606_opt (1).jpg

Major: Communication & Rhetoric

Minor: Inclusive Childhood Education

Occupation: Director of Communications & Marketing at Rockefelller College

Hometown: Casenovia, NY

Residence: Albany, NY

Involvement on Campus: Women's Basketball & Softball

Internships: Syracuse Chiefs, Nazareth Athletic Department, Rochester Red Wings

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Nazareth gave me the opportunity to explore my interests while allowing me to be a two-sport athlete. I learned strong writing, design, and presentation skills in the classroom from great professors, as well as teamwork, time management, and organizational skills through the act of juggling practice, games, and other commitments. I was fortunate to combine nearly all facets of my Nazareth experience into a career in athletic media relations and now college communications."

Advice for students? "Take advantage and get involved in as many clubs, teams, organizations, and internships as possible. Also, study abroad if you can (I wish I had). You’ll meet new people, grow your network, and learn more about yourself, interests, and likes/dislikes that will help you carve a path once you leave campus."

"Nazareth’s small school atmosphere and close-knit community allows you the opportunity to explore an array of interests and develop close friendships."

Grace Daly Boren '70

DSC_0259-Edit (1) (1).jpgMajor: Speech Correction

Occupation: Speech Pathology

Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY

Residence: Setauket, NY

Favorite member of the Naz community: Sister Mary Clare Torrey

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations or athletics? Student government, theater costume design

Advice to current students? "Be open to any opportunity that comes along, even if it is outside your comfort zone. While it was many years ago and long before the social media world, my year as a resident advisor helped me in my future as a parent as I watched freshmen begin to enter their first time on their own."


"I received an education that I would compare to any large university, NYU, Syracuse, University of Michigan etc. Yes they had big name professors, but we had professors who knew us individually and guided us in our journey. Our teachers in all courses were approachable and available and always supportive. I met friends that I have continued to be connected to for over 50 years. I loved the opportunities that encouraged us to be a part of our community."

Jolene DiBrango '95G

Jolene.jpgMajor: Reading Education

Occupation: Teacher and Former Executive Vice President of New York State United Teachers

Hometown: Utica, New York

Residence: Scottsdale, Arizona

Favorite member of the Naz Community: Dr. Naomi Erdmann

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Perseverance. I can do hard things!"

Advice for current students? "In life, when you've achieved a certain level of success, I think it is your duty to help others achieve their dreams, because no one accomplishes their goals alone."

"Currently I am a passionate volunteer advocate and community educator for the Alzheimer's Association both in New York (virtually) and in Arizona."

Ann Donahue Yockey '77

Ann Yockey.jpgMajor: Business and Economics

Minor: Secondary Education

Occupation: University Administrator

Hometown: Auburn, NY

Residence: Canandaigua, NY

Favorite member of the Naz Community: Sr. Stella Regina Welch

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, or athletics? Glee Club and Resident Advisor

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Learning can be difficult, but it is a gift. I have been in positions of learning my whole life, and I believe my openness to always learn is what led me to have such a successful career".

Advice for current students? "We all have something to offer others."

"Success comes before work only in the dictionary" - Vince Lombardi


Allysa Gibson '19, '21G


Major: B.A. Public Health, M.S. Higher Education Student Affairs Administration

Minor:  Social Welfare

Hometown: Erial, NJ

Residence: Westville, NJ

Involvement on Campus: Orientation Leader / Coordinator, Student Ambassador, Co-Chair of Senior Gift Committee, Treasurer of Public Health Club, Secretary of Community Youth Development Collective

Favorite member of the Naz community: "Carey Backman was a bright light at Nazareth during her time there. I had the opportunity to be an orientation leader for 5 new student orientations. Carey truly believed in having an open door on campus. Her space was welcoming without judgement. Her advice was always there when you needed it."

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Nazareth really helped me to find my voice. I am much more confident in my public speaking abilities and communication skills. My involvement as a student ambassador and orientation leader also helped me gain confidence in being able to communicate with anyone."

Advice for students? "Getting involved is what lead me to study for my master's degree in HESAA. The mentors I gained along the way opened that door for me, and it's the best decision I made! Getting to continue my involvement with Nazareth as an alum is really important and exciting to me."

Jim Jaramillo '13, '16G
Angelo Jasa-Phillips '15


Major: B.S. Marketing

Minor:  Music and Dance

Occupation: Director of Marketing, Generation USA

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Residence: North Port, FL 

Involvement on Campus: Co-music director and pianist for the Nazareth Catholic Community, member of Nazareth's chapter of Habitat for Humanity and LAMBDA, interned and performed with the Nazareth Theatre Arts and Dance Department and Nazareth Arts Center, and served as a member of the Student Ambassador Program in the Admissions and Enrollment Office.  

Favorite member of the Naz community: Jamie Fazio, Director and Catholic Chaplain in Center for Spirituality and Prof. Jennifer Leigh, School of Business & Leadership

What did you learn from Nazareth? "My time at Nazareth helped me unpack various layers of my passions and purposes, personally and professionally. Once those layers were put in front of me and with the help of my peers, mentors, friends, professors, etc.; I was able to figure out my path post-graduation. 

Advice for students? "If something makes you curious, creates pause for you, or makes you want to take action on campus (and off-campus), go for it. Naz was one of the safest places to try to get involved in various clubs and organizations.   

"I didn't realize how impactful and purposeful a liberal arts education was so helpful until I was working full-time. The mixture of my marketing and business classes, with my various perspective courses and performing arts classes, allowed me to curate this beautiful story and structure post-graduation. And obviously, purple is my favorite color."

Jarred Jones '13, '17G


Major: B.A. Peace & Justice Studies, M.S. American Studies

Minor:  Political Science

Occupation: Deputy State Director for US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Hometown: Webster, NY

Residence: City of Rochester

Involvement on Campus: Partners for Serving, The March: Bearing Witness to Hope

Favorite member of the Naz community: Harry Murray, Susan Nowak, Otieno Kisiara, Tim Kneeland, Thomas Lappas (so many great people)

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Kneeland helped me get involved in federal politics. Murray helped me challenge the status quo. Nowak helped me think about the ethics of my decisions."

Advice for students? "Keep at it. You don't have to be the best at something initially, but if you keep at you will. Take advantage of opportunities. One door opens the next."

Kevin McCluskey '12

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Sports Management

Occupation: Athletic Director

Hometown: Boston

Residence: Boston

Involvement on campus: Athletic Event Management

Favorite member of the Naz community: "The late Gary Nonthnagle always provided a laugh. I also am particularly grateful to Pete Bothner for the opportunities he provided."

What did you learn from Nazareth? "I took an internship my senior year as the student director of game management for athletics. I didn’t realize how much it would inform my career. I am now an Assistant Athletic Director at Stonehill College and still implement much of what I learned from that experience in my day-to-day work."

Advice for current students? "Internships are crucial. Be proactive and reach out to your advisor and/or the internships office. These experiences will go a long way as you begin your career after Naz."

"It seems as if with each flip of the calendar another renovation has been completed on campus to build on its mission to serve the Naz community. Beyond that, I am always impressed by the reputation Nazareth has in New York State. For those who have a connection to the school, it creates a strong sense of familiarity that can be helpful in many aspects of life. As a lifelong Bostonian, my reason for joining the board was to help spread some of that sense of community into Massachusetts."

Anjoli Moïse '18G

Anjoli Headshot.jpgMajor: Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Occupation: Program Coordinator for the Warner School of Education ROC Urban Teacher Fellowship and a Social and Emotional Learning Integration Specialist K-12

Hometown: Queens, New York City

Residence: Webster, NY

Favorite member of the Naz Community: "My favorite Naz professor was Kai Strange, the Urban Teacher Opportunity Partnerships Program director. Kai cultivated a welcoming and affirming space for me to grow and develop into the culturally responsive educator she is today."

What did you learn from Nazareth? "The Urban Teacher Opportunity Partnerships Program taught me the importance of cultivating authentic relationships with students and their families and centering students' voices. Because of this, I am grateful to Nazareth University for promoting teacher pathways, such as the Urban Teacher Opportunity Partnerships Program, that provide resources for marginalized individuals to thrive and enter the education profession."

Advice for current students? "Connect with faculty, alums, peers, and the admissions office to learn about Nazareth University's various educational opportunities—you won't regret it."

Aldi Priyanto '08, '19G

Aldi Priyanto 10.22.jpgMajor: History (UG), Higher Education Student Affairs Administration (G)

Occupation: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist at ESL Federal Credit Union

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia / Rochester, NY

Residence: Rochester, NY

Favorite member of the Naz Community: "So many great people at Naz!!! Tim Thibodeau and Paul Morris in History, Becky Fahy and Kevin Worthen in HESAA, Diane Ariza, Andy Morris, Carey Backman, Kathy Tonkovich, and the list goes on and on!"

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, or athletics?  Conversation Partner Program

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Several things stood out to me that I definitely learned from my time at Naz. The first is critical thinking skills that come with any liberal arts education. Being a student in the History department really honed my skills in evaluating information and its sources, recognizing bias in myself and others, as well as the power and value of contextual thinking. Second is the invaluable leadership skills that I gained during my graduate studies at Naz: self-awareness, transparency, honesty, and self-reflection. Finally and most importantly: the capacity and drive to advance social justice, equity, inclusion, and belonging, which was sparked by my studies and experiential learning opportunities that Naz provided."

Advice for current students? "Take advantage of the opportunities that are provided, but always remember to maintain balance. Life out of balance is a recipe for burnout and unhappiness. At the end of the day, you only live once. Enjoy the time that you're given, and make the most out of it with things that bring you the most fulfillment and joy"

Norlene Remollata '15

N.R. Headshot.jpgMajor: Marketing

Occupation: Development and Advancement for nonprofits, arts, and cultural organizations

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Residence: Brighton, NY

Favorite member of the Naz community? Dr. Leigh, School of Business & Leadership; Stella Plutino Calabrese, Former Casa Italiana Director

Where you involved in any clubs, organizations, or athletics? International Club and Casa Italiana

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Nazareth taught me to embrace the journey. My career has been everything but linear, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I'm not afraid to change the terrain and my landscape. I'll write the chapters as I walk the path".

Advice for current students?  "Don't be afraid to try something new. Explore outside your major. It is comfortable to join clubs that align within the parameters of your major, but give different clubs/activities a chance. It will help shape new passions and make you more well-rounded".

Manuel Rivera Ortiz '95

MRO.jpgMajor: English, Literature, Linguistics, and Rhetoric

Occupation: President and Founder for the Museum & Foundation Manuel Rivera-Ortiz for Global Documentary Photography and Film, Author, and Documentary Photographer

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Residence: Rochester, NY; Zurich, Switzerland; Arles & Paris, France

Favorite member of the Naz Community? "Honestly, the entire English department! Dr. Dooley,
Dr. Pestino, Sister Marion, Sister Monica, and many fine professors with so much heart!
Outside the English Department was poet-in-residence Ms. Francesca Gulí, who
became like a mom to me until we lost her and Ms. Nina at HEOP".

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Patience. Patience. Patience. Dedication, trust, hope, self-worth, self-esteem, and many other values! I came to Nazareth as a first-generation Puerto Rican kid from the "other" side of town. Graduating from college was technically not in my cards Initially, I went to the local Marine's office and took the test to enlist. In tandem, I visited Nazareth alone—a challenge when you have never been in that part of town and had never taken a bus so far out. To make a story short, I was accepted at Nazareth and elsewhere, but it was Nazareth where ultimately I belonged. I was the kind of student who always asked too many questions. To me, answers were always invitations to more questions which rarely, if ever, were enough. Nazareth, its professors, allowed me to be
myself, whatever that ended up being, and I appreciated it then as I do now absolutely. My inquisitiveness nurtured on campus has led me to the work I have done and still do today, documenting the challenging lives of people, especially in developing countries, and, by extension, helping other documentarians develop and present work about the lives of people challenged by poverty, disease, displacement, war, famine, social and political issues. Through my work as a nominator for Leica Germany and Prix Pictet London, as well as jurist and presenter, I also try to lend my life and work experiences to continue the conversation about all of us! Nazareth gave me the tools to believe that I
could make a difference, and I believe it. So here I am, taking no wooden nickels and no closing doors for an answer".

Advice for current students? "Make a difference and do your work. Do it not because you think you will become famous—fame can be overrated—but because it is your fate intended for you precisely because it is in you to make a difference from your heart and soul above all else!"

Gabrielle Rockwell '17


Major: Double Major in Italian and International Studies

Occupation: Director of Social Media Marketing at NEP Services

Hometown: Endicott, NY

Residence: San Diego, CA

Favorite member of the Naz community: Professoressa Maria Vitti-Alexander

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations or athletics? Cross Country, Casa Italiana

Advice to current students? "My best advice would be to talk to the Center for Life's Work team. Be open, honest, and transparent with them in your hopes, fears, concerns, and questions. They're there to help you navigate your college transition to a fulfilling career and afterwards. Don't be a stranger in their office."


"Naz actively encourages students to try new avenues, seek new interests, think outside of the box, and find their passion in life and supports them in that journey through the different classes, professional development opportunities, and staff that genuinely cares about their students."

Mary Saperstone '69, '74G

Mary S.jpgMajor: History and a Masters in Education

Minor: Sociology

Occupation: Retired Teacher

Hometown: Oswego, NY

Residence: Brighton, NY

Favorite member of the Naz Community: Sr. Stella Regina, Dr. Anthony Baracco, and Msgr. Shannon

What did you learn from Nazareth? "It is hard to explain how valuable I believe my years at Nazareth were. My education went way beyond the classroom. My time on an all female campus was one that only a handful of today's students will ever realize. Learning to become confident, resourceful, independent and responsible has helped me to adapt to situations that life has presented."

Advice for current students? "To today's students, I would say, take advantage of all that is in front of you. Study hard, play hard, and take good care of your friends. One of my greatest blessings continues to be the friends I made all those years ago."

Brian Silcott '93

Silcott.jpgMajor: Theater

Occupation: VP Sport Growth and Development USA Lacrosse

Hometown: Bedford, NY

Residence: Silver Spring MD

Favorite member of the Naz community: Lindsay Korth

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, or athletics? Men's Lacrosse and Theater

What did you learn from Nazareth? "The combination of being an Athlete and Theater major taught me things about myself I didn't know I needed to learn. I found my place, found my voice and found my
path while at Naz. I had great teachers in Scott Nelson and Lindsay Korth who pushed me to go beyond what I thought were my limits and started me down the path to who I am today."

Advice for current students? "Follow your own path. Do what you can when you're ready but do it well".

Anita Spoor '63
Whitney Thomas '20

Whitney.pngMajor: Public Health and Legal Studies

Occupation: Digital Contract Strategy

Hometown: Adams, NY

Residence: Washington DC

Favorite member of the Naz Community: "Too many to name! But huge shoutouts to Dr. Mary Dahl Maher, Dr. Noel Wolfe, and Jamie Fazio for becoming influential guiding forces for me at Nazareth."

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, or athletics? "In my free time: Lamba, ATLAS Center.
I also worked several jobs between the Arts Center, the Theatre Department, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusive Education Excellence."

What did you learn from Naz? "Personally: To try new things at least twice before deciding my feelings about them.Professionally: How to be persistent, professionally, over email."

Advice for current students? "Start showing up to things and ask how you can help someone at that moment. I made more friends across campus by offering to hold a door open or help someone carry a box than at any social mixer event!"

Barbara Wilcox '10G

Sit Laugh - Lamberton.jpgMajor: Inclusive Adolescent Education (G)Occupation: Career Coach, Facilitator, and Program Coordinator

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Residence: West Irondequoit, NY

Favorite member of the Naz Community? Dr. Jim Black and Dr. Robin Rudy

Were you involved in any clubs, organizations, or athletics? Student Taught at Charlotte High School, The Industry School, and Webster Spry Middle School

What did you learn from Nazareth? "Nazareth taught me that community is everything. From forming personal and professional bonds, to enriching my sense of self and pedagogy as an Educator. Nazareth taught me that classroom management is a life-long education which likewise informs career best practices. Just as I felt well equipped to inspire teaching and learning, I felt prepared to transition these real-life skill sets into a successful career pivot".

Advice for current students? "Stay connected with Naz, both in-school and following graduation. Mindfully choose your classes. As a Career Advisor/Coach for the past 10+ years, I can confidently say that purpose follows passion and values. Intentionality is the key to creating quality fit and the life you desire. Leverage Center for Life's Work as you navigate these choices. Nourish great self-care and listen to your inner-most self while doing so".



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Nazareth University Alumni Advisory Board's Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Statement

Nazareth’s alumni network comprises more than 30,000 alumni and counting, representing individuals with a myriad of identities, professions, locations, and industries.

As part of the Nazareth alumni network and as the representative body of the Alumni Association, the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is committed to acknowledging and confronting inequities to align with the University’s values and mission in social justice and belonging for all.

As a Board, we ensure all alumni feel appreciated, motivated, and empowered so that together, we may continue to foster trust within the Nazareth community. As the University continues to evolve in its efforts to nurture a community that reflects the diversity of intersectional identities in society, while being Changemakers on and off campus, so too must the Board.

Approved October 18, 2023