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Alumni Contact Information Policy

Policy Regarding Use and Release of Alumni Contact Information

This policy relates to all information about alumni & constituents of Nazareth University. The Office of Alumni Engagement is responsible for the use and release of alumni & constituent contact information on the Nazareth University campus. The information must not be disclosed, sold, transferred, or conveyed to any person or organization outside Advancement unless agreed upon by all parties.

Alumni List Request Form

Alumni & Constituent Contact Information Policy

General Statement

Constituent Information will not be released except as permitted under this policy or as required by law.

Definition of Constituent Information

Constituent Information includes, but is not limited to, financial, educational, professional, and personal information about alumni, donors and prospective donors.

Access & Use of Constituent Information

Constituent Information shall be used for alumni engagement purposes and academic purposes. Only University employees who have a need to know in order to perform an authorized University function or activity may have direct access to alumni information.

Volunteers will have access to Constituent Information in the course of performing duties mutually agreed upon by Volunteer and Advancement.

Volunteers acknowledge and agree that Constituent Information is highly confidential and may be used only to perform the duties agreed upon by the Volunteer and Advancement and for no other personal, commercial, or other purpose.

Volunteers will not disclose, sell, transfer, or convey Constituent Information to any person or organization outside Advancement unless agreed upon by all parties.

The Office of Alumni Engagement may also release information to Nazareth University department chairs or their designee for such purposes as: post graduate surveys, department updates, recruitment and the like.

Department chairs or their designee must agree to use and distribute the information in the appropriate manner for its authorized function or activity only to maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Release of Alumni Information to Classmates or Colleagues

The Office of Alumni Engagement will perform the following functions with respect to requests for individual alumni information:  

Alumni Engagement staff will forward requests from an alum seeking the contact information of other alumni. If the alum consents to release their information, only then will the information be shared with the alum making the request.

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