Arts Center

A Doll's House

Thursday, November 9, 2017

10 a.m.

Henrik Ibsen’s ground-breaking drama about marriage and the individual portrays a controlling husband and his pampered young wife, who—when their idealized home life collapses—comes to the realization that she must close the door on her life in ‘a doll's house’ to find and live as her true self.

Nora Helmer is a vibrant young housewife who suffers from a crippling dependency on Torvald—her husband of eight years—who has always done the thinking for the both of them. In order to save Torvald from a debt, and to spare his masculine pride, Nora arranges a loan without his knowledge, and does so by forging a signature. The inevitable revelation of the crime results in an unexpected reaction from Torvald: rather than being grateful to Nora, he is incapable of accepting the pride and self-sufficiency she demonstrated in taking care of him, and accuses her of damaging his good name. The illusions behind their marriage are exposed, and Nora awakens to feelings of self-awareness for the first time.

The earliest of Ibsen's social-problem plays, A Doll's House portrayed the tragic hypocrisy of Victorian, middle-class marriage on stage, catapulting him to international recognition during a period of women's growing discontent with social mores. A Doll's House created a huge sensation at its 1879 premiere, and remains fresh and pertinent today. Winner of the 1997 Tony Award for best revival, the play is an excellent way to introduce students to a great writer.

Presented by the Nazareth College Theatre and Dance Department

The 2017-2018 School Series is sponsored by Alan Cameros and Carolyn Ettinger

Grades: 8–12
Learning Standards: The Arts, English Language Arts, Social Studies
Curriculum Connections: Dramatic Performance, Literature, History, Writing
Societal Norms, Marriage, Gender Roles, Women's Rights, Individualism versus Social Responsibility