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Dragons Love Tacos & Other Stories


10- 11 a.m. Sold Out
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10- 11 a.m. Sold Out

12- 1 p.m. Sold Out

A musical revue of five beloved contemporary children's books!

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri
Dragons love all sorts of tacos — except spicy ones! When a boy throws his new dragon friends a spicy salsa taco party, red-hot trouble ensues.

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein
It’s bedtime for the little red chicken. Papa is going to read her a story, but the chicken can’t help interrupting. Will the chicken ever get to sleep?

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
A story about the creative spirit in all of us. Vashti can’t draw. Then her teacher says, “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” Vashti discovers she is an artist, after all.

Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride by Kate DiCamillo, Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen
Mercy, a porcine wonder, and Mr. Watson go for a ride every Saturday in Mr. Watson’s automobile. But one Saturday, guess who winds up behind the wheel?

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: School Days by Erica Silverman, painted by Betsy Lewin
Yee Haw! Cowgirl Kate and her loyal horse Cocoa are the perfect pair. They do everything together, until school is in session — and horses are not allowed!

Presented by TheaterWorksUSA

Grades: K-3
Curriculum Connections: Communication and Language Arts, Literature Based, Music, Relationships and Family
NYS Standards: Students will...
      NG.ELA.R.7 (anchor): integrate and evaluate content presented in
      diverse media and formats
      Lifelong Practices (NG.ELA): make connections (to self, other texts
      ideas, cultures, eras, etc.)
      P-PS2-1 / P-PS4-1 (NG.Sci): plan and conduct an investigation in
      collaboration with peers with guidance.
Themes: Likes & Dislikes, Friendship, Family, Getting Along, Perseverance, Dream Big, Creativity