¡Bienvenidos a Casa Hispana!

We extend a warm welcome to our vibrant community and university students alike. Casa Hispana is not just a place to learn about the Spanish language and culture, but also a space to connect, share, and celebrate our diverse backgrounds.

Through our activities, including language classes, cultural events, and more, we aim to bridge the gap between the community and students. Let's come together, learn from each other, and create lasting connections that enrich us all.

Join us in embracing the diversity of our community and the university, as we embark on this journey of cultural exploration and understanding. 

For language classes, conversation meet-ups, summer camps, and more, see:

Rochester-area children/teens

Summer camp, learning Spanish through play, teen Spanish classes, and high school group visits.

Rochester-area adults

Spanish language classes, English tutoring, conversation meet-ups, book club, and more.

Nazareth students

Spanish club, book club, conversation meet-ups.

Supporting Casa Hispana

Este proyecto se hizo posible con fondos del Programa de Becas Comunitarias Estatales, un programa de becas del Consejo de Artes del Estado de Nueva York con el apoyo de la Oficina de la Gobernadora y la Legislatura del Estado de Nueva York y administrado por el Consejo de las Artes del Valle Genesee.

Community involvement
  • Member of Latinas Unidas organization and Grupo Cultural Latinos en Rochester
  • Liva Sales-Genoves was highlighted by the Hispanic Business Association