La Maison Française at Nazareth College is both a residential hall for students and a cultural center in the Rochester area. As a residence hall, la Maison Française welcomes 12 students interested in the French language and Francophone cultures each semester.

The building also serves as a cultural meeting place for Le Cercle Français (the French Club), for L' Alliance Française de Rochester (AfR), and for Francophiles in the Rochester community. Movies, dinners, lectures, theatrical readings, or exhibits are scheduled every Thursday evening, unless otherwise noted. 

Annual events include:

  • Déjeuner conversations (luncheon)
  • Christmas/Noël party
  • Mardi-Gras mask making
  • Trip to Montréal
  • African film series
  • African lecture series
  • Breton dinner
  • Cultural diversity celebrations
  • Art exhibits
  • Concerts
  • Poetry competition for Peace

Director of Academic and Cultural Programming:

Mireille Le Breton

Mireille Le Breton

Assistant Professor of French
Golisano Academic Center 391


4245 East Avenue
Rochester NY, 14618-0900
Phone: 585-389-4637 / 650-644-8600