FAQs for Graduate Students

Before Commencement

How can I be sure I'm graduating?

1. If you have not applied for graduation, email the Registration & Records Office, registrar@naz.edu, immediately.

2. Check the official list — posted in February and updated regularly — of students meeting all ceremony eligibility requirements.

When and where is Commencement?

See all commencement event details on the graduate events webpage »

What about guests?

Please see the Commencement homepage.

How do I purchase my cap, gown, and hood?
How do I purchase graduate announcements?

Nazareth's preferred vendor is Jostens: https://www.jostens.com

Proper etiquette is to send any announcements within a four-week period (two weeks before graduation to two weeks after graduation). To ensure timely delivery, order announcements at least 6 weeks before graduation.

Are there accommodations for those with special needs?

The 2024 ceremonies will have sign language interpreting as well as live captioning.

If you are graduating and need special accommodations, please contact Student Accessibility Services.

What happens if I cannot attend the Commencement ceremony?

Graduate students who choose not to participate in the formal commencement ceremony must contact the Registration & Records Office.

Diplomas will be mailed by the end of May to non-attendees.

Commencement Day

What can I bring into the building? (Security screening)

To maintain a safe and enjoyable event for every attendee, Nazareth will visually inspect bags at the entrance of the Golisano Training Center facility.


  • One small purse/clutch bag, 5" x 7" or smaller, which is subject to search, per person.
  • Only water is allowed into the field house (i.e. track floor). All other drinks must be consumed and disposed in the atrium.

Don't bring:

  • Pets. (The only permitted animals are properly trained, certified service animals.)
  • Liquids other than water (all other liquids and food must be consumed in the atrium).
  • Briefcases, backpacks, coolers, or other large bags/containers.
  • Weapons of any kind.
  • Disruptive items, including noise makers, inflatable balls, balloons, or laser pointers.
  • Liquids and any cans and bottles (with the exception of clear, plastic bottles of water).
  • Metal objects. To expedite the screening process, please leave all unnecessary metal objects in your vehicle or at home.

Nazareth reserves the right to inspect and remove any packages, bags and/or containers.

Where do we park?
  • Graduating students: Use the South Campus Drive entrance at the traffic light near the Arts Center, and park in parking lot G (near YWRI), H (near Clocktower Commons), or K (near Kearney).
  • Guests use the northernmost, one-way entrance (look for balloons and signs) and will be directed to parking near the Golisano Training Center. To improve the experience, families and guests are asked to consolidate into as few vehicles as possible.
Students: step-by-step rundown for Commencement Day

For students: Commencement day rundown of where to check in, how to adjust your regalia, and how to assemble and march in.

(There is not a Commencement rehearsal.)

Who is our Commencement speaker?

Details are shared on the main Commencement webpage.

Is there a professional photographer?

After Commencement

How do I get my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to the address of record. The Registration & Records Office will email all graduates once you have been officially graduated and diplomas are on the way.

Check NazNet to confirm your address on record is correct. If it's not, either: