Why I Teach

Lisa Durant-Jones, Ed.D., CCC-SLP

Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology

I spent 15 years as a practicing clinician before I came to Nazareth, so I know what it takes to be successful in the field. I have the benefit of being able to bring a balance of both practical experience and theory into the classroom. Some people feel that when you’re in a professional program, you’re just learning to be a technician. But our students are getting so much more than professional training. They are learning to understand the rich theory, research, and knowledge base behind what we do with our clients. They begin to value diverse perspectives and approaches. Often they see that there is not simply one answer or a right answer.

I know that if I do a good job of presenting content and sharing my love for the profession, that helps my students become better professionals down the line. When they succeed, when I can say that I’ve contributed to a new generation of professionals, when I see my students getting great jobs and doing phenomenal things with clients—there’s nothing better than that reward. That is my passion, and that is why I teach.