Nazareth College's Creative Activity and Research Showcase (CARS) is an annual college-wide symposium celebrating students' creative and scholarly work through posters, presentations, and performances.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, CARS 2021 will be hybrid!  

As a hybrid event, CARS 2021 will host most of the events online, with a limited number of events held in-person.  Students will have the ability to participate and attend the event from off-campus. We encourage faculty to think about ways of including CARS in Spring courses.

More details will be forthcoming.


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Did you know?

The acronym CARS originally stood for Creative Activity, Research, and Scholarship — as CARS has evolved so has its name! Learn about the event's history.

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Make your work work for you!

Participating in CARS opens opportunities and helps you gain important skills! You can:

  • Demonstrate mastery in a particular subject
  • Build valued workplace skills (oral and written communication, teamwork, adaptation, etc.)
  • Prepare for larger, national conferences
  • Get valuable feedback on your work 
  • Learn from fellow students

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