(CARS) Creative Activity and Research Showcase

CARS 2020 has been re-envisioned to allow students to share their work!  Click here for the email that was sent to all registered participants.


  • Request for CARS 2020 Proposals (emailed to all faculty in fall 2019)
  • CARS 2020 Program (Printing double-sided is suggested.) Printed programs will be available to guests attending CARS 2020. (Will be available April 2020)

How to participate: 

  1. Identify a faculty sponsor and confirm their agreement to sponsor/approve your endeavor.
  2. Carefully read and follow the appropriate guidelines for your particular format of participation (can be accessed by clicking the links below). Consult with your faculty sponsor if no guidelines are available.
  3. Submit your proposal (choose either DAY or EVENING option when you register), using the exact wording you want to appear in the CARS 2020 Program, by the March 4, 2020 deadline. Information you provide on your proposal form will not be edited for spelling, grammar, etc. Review a copy of the registration form to gather all required information prior to submitting.



Optional Poster Templates:

Not sure how to design a poster? 

Consultation with your faculty sponsor is recommended before using one of the templates below.  Feel free to use these templates as a starting point and use your best judgment in designing your poster.  Please make sure the logos have a white background.

3' x 4' Templates:

Key Dates

  • March 4, 2020 - Deadline for submitting proposal
  • March 18, 2020 - Deadline to request poster funding
  • March 19 - April 6, 2020 - Submit poster to Media Services for printing using reserved poster funding. Students will be responsible for paying for posters submitted outside this timeframe.
  • April 14, 2020 - CARS 2020

Still have questions about participating?

For performances, contact Dr. Octavio Vazquez, ovazque2@naz.edu.  

For paper presentations, contact Dr. Francesca Gentile, fgentil7@naz.edu.

Direct all other questions to your faculty sponsor or Mrs. Debbie Mathewson, dmathew4@naz.edu

Please include CARS in the subject line.