Conference Presentations

Nazareth math students participate in a variety of conferences around the country each year.


Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

20th Annual Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics
January 2018

Lindsey Golas


Dynamics of Excitable Systems Workshop

January 2017
RIT's Science and Mathematics Education Research Collaborative, Rochester, NY

Alison Stedman and Norah (Huiwen ) Zhang

Annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

February 3-5, 2017

19th Annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Bailey Carter and Claire Hardy


Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Seaway Section Meeting

October 2016:  RIT, Rochester, NY

Norah (Huiwen ) Zhang gave a talk titled Multifractals and the Market

NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Fall 2016
2016 Regional Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Stephanie Mongelli, Joshua  Thorp, Megan Searing, and Sara Edell


MAA - Seaway Section

April 2014: Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY

Up before Over:  Informal Language before Formal Mathematical Vocabulary
Kyli Knickerbocker

How can we Accelerate our Advanced Common Core Students?
Courtney Larkin

Do you Suffer from Calculus Phobia?
Mary Losito

Are Manipulatives Just Toys?
Grace Crowell


Joint Mathematics Meetings

January 2013: San Diego, CA

The Traveling Salesman Problem in Rectangular Grids
Eileen Bruns

The Secret of NIM
Larry Czubinski and Ashlee Evertt

The Queen Chicken Problem
Ashley Binnert, Grace Crowell, and Emiline Pelletier

Euler's Characteristic and Planar Graphs
Justin Sawran and Dyan VerSchage

Machine Learning:  Support Vector Machines Using Nonlinear Rescaling-Augmented Lagrangian Method
Emiline Pelletier

Efficiency of the Atlanta Subway Network and Functional Connectivity of the Human Brain
Caitlin VerSchneider


MAA Seaway Section

April 2012: Mathematical Association of America; Hamilton College - Clinton, NY

Mathematics Anxiety Anonymous
Elisa Napierala

Got PCK?
Eileen Bruns and Caitlin VerSchneider

How Poor Mathematical Attitude Impacts Learning
Kerrie Sirianni and Kelly Husted


March 2012: Association of Mathematics Teachers of Rochester Area at St. John Fisher College - Rochester, NY

Attitude: Can't learn with one, can't learn without one!
Sarah Bremer and Jordan Mitchel

Joint Mathematics Meetings

January 2012: Boston, MA

The Optimal Snowboarding Half-Pipe
Kerry Gannon


Penn State Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Conference

November 2011

Coloring Outside the Lines:  Finding 4- Chromatic Unit Distance Graphs
Emily Bonomo, Eileen Bruns, and Caitlin Verschneider


October 2011: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in Atlantic City, NJ

An EXCEL-ent Way of Creating Interactive Applets
Caitlin VerSchneider and Elisa Napierala

Joint Meetings of AMS and MAA

January 2011: American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America in New Orleans, LA

Sperner Property for Integer Partition Partially Ordered Sets
Kerry Gannon



October 2009: Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science

List of Decoding Algorithms of Reed Solomon Codes and their Maximum Decoding Radii
Caitlin Parmelee

Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

April 2009: Union College

Linearity of Lexicographic Codes
Ashley Patchen

Hat Quandry
Chris Zimmerman

Not Your Average Game
Cooper Murphy

Strategies for the Nine-Player Hat Problem and Some Connections to Coding Theory
Caitlin Parmelee

The Cat and the Hat Game
Joe Mihalich

What Color is Your Hat?
Jolie Roat

Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

February 2009:University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Polynomial Parametic Curves in Two Dimensions
Jolie Roat

Mathematical Literature
Katie Gravelle


Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

April 2008: St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY

Teaching Elementary Mathematics
Jenny Pollastro and Katie Green

Mathematical Literature for Elementary Students
Katie Gravelle

Investigating the Structure of a Double Bubble Cookie
Pam Welch

Doubling the Cube
Cooper Murphy

Polynomial Parametic Curves in Two Dimensions
Jolie Roat

Rational Parameterization of Conic Sections
Chris Zimmerman

Rational Parameterization of the nth Dimensional Sphere
Ashley Patchen